Thursday, September 24, 2009

What a Summer!!

Well it has certainly been a while!!! Anne and have had the most incredible summer of hauling our horses and barrel racing. We have loved every second of it! This past Tuesday marked the beginning of Fall and as much as I love the Fall season, I will truely miss this summer! Lets see...what has been going on?? Well, since the last entry, Roanie has settled in very well. Anne and him are already the best of friends and they are working on getting things together in the arena. Since he is the new horsey on the block at TwinBay Farm he is the low horse on the totem pole. That spot was originally Drifter's but now Drifter has Roanie to pick on. Rebo is still head honcho with Dually following in right behind him. Drifter is NOT a fan of Roanie's but they have finally gotten to a point where they can play nice. :) Anne and I have hauled to the Shepardsville Buckle Series twice since our last entry and that is always fun. Our bestest bud Colleen has come in for a 3 week visit and we have loved getting to ride and compete with her. She went with us to the buckle series and then we all ran barrels at the IBRA Hodge Show this past weekend. It was such a GREAT day for barrel racing. Our friend Amanda ran her mare too and we just had so much fun catching up and hanging out. Our mom and her boyfriend Bob came and it was just great to have them there!! Of course Hilori came too, she never misses a barrel race, and we love having her there!

The past week has brought a LOT of rain to the Bluegrass area and I can honestly say that we are very SICK of it. This coming weekend we have a lot of fun stuff planned with friends coming over, lots of cooking, some beer drinking and possibly some barrel racing if the rain holds off. Next weekend we are hauling to Ohio for a 3 day barrel race with Colleen and Mark and we can't wait!! Then Keeneland opens for the Fall race meet the next weekend and after that we have a barrel race in Indiana. Sooooooo, things are still just as hectic as ever as we move in to the Fall. I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer and gets to enjoy the brisk coolnees and the colorful leaves of the fall season.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The New Man In My Life…

Meet.. Heza Chexy Docs Hick! He is my new barrel horse, and couldn’t be happier with him. He arrived on Sunday from Colorado and he has every quality I look for in a horse. Debbie, the woman that owned him, did a wonderful job on his training! He has cattle experience, has been heeled off of many times, and has been on the barrels for a while and is high loping the pattern! I am ready for our career as partners to start!! Check back for updates on how Roanie and I are getting a long and how Leigh and Dually are doing as well!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My gosh... how long has it been??

Well once again, it has been awhile! This summer has just be CRAZY! Leigh and I have been running around so much it is hard to keep up with our blog, but we are going to try to get better. We have been going to a lot of barrel races and just really enjoying our time with our horses! We went to the Richmond show a few weeks ago, and that was a lot of fun. Leigh and Dually improved on their time in that pen, and our good buddy Amanda got a check, so it was a good day all the way around. It was Drifters first exhibition at a lope and he handled it like a champ and I was real proud of him.

We also ventured down to Shepherdsville 2 weeks ago, for their Tuesday night buckle series, and that was a lot of fun. It is a little further drive than we thought, but we really enjoyed it, because it is an outdoor pen and that was nice. We didn’t get there in time for Drifter to exhibition, but it was a great experience for him, just getting in the pen and warm up with everyone, he did real well. Leigh and Amanda both entered, and they both did great! Leigh won the 3D in the women’s class. We were both real proud of Dually since he didn’t get in the pen first, and he went in and ran a real nice pattern, in his first big outdoor pen. Amanda’s horse did real well too! They both decided to stay and enter the open! I knew they would, they were both having so much fun! It was a great night! We got home late, but well worth it.

We also went back to Shepherdsville this past weekend, for their big show. There were A LOT of people there, and it was a LONG day. The show was supposed to start at 2:00 and didn’t start until almost 4:00. Leigh and Amanda both entered the Adult class, and they didn’t even get to saddle their horses, to get ready until around 12:30 in the morning. They didn’t run until around1:30 and of course it started POURING at that point! So they both made their runs in the rain! We were all drenched, and then they called the show after that class, because of the weather. Which was totally fine, because we were leaving anyway. Leigh got a check, so it was nice she got to run. We didn’t walk in our front door until 4:00 in the morning. It was a LONG day, but we had a blast with all of our friends. We met some new people and just so enjoyed being with all of our friends.

We have some exciting things coming up in the next few weeks, so check back……

*The pic is Leigh and I, at the Richmond show.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Checking in again...

Leigh and I have been busy as usual, but have also been having a blast!! This summer has been wonderful so far! Leigh and I have been riding a lot and keeping our horses in great shape. We have tried to make 2 shows a month and so far, have been doing really well at that. Leigh pulled her first check on Dually 2 weeks ago, at Hodge arena! She won the 3D! It was a wonderful day. Our great friend Hilori was there to share it with us!! We really enjoy having her a long with us. Our friend Amanda was also at the show and she did great by placing 3rd in the 3D, which was wonderful. I loped Drifter thru for the first time and he handled it very well. I was pleased with how he performed and he is improving every week.

This past weekend, we had company in from out of town and enjoyed our weekend entertaining. We had beers on the deck on Friday night and Saturday, we were very disappointed with the rain!! However we made the best of it and still had a wonderful meal. We had corn in the husk on the grill, pork chops on the grill, green beans and Hilor’s amazing potato salad!! We also had pecan pie and ice cream for dessert but we were all to stuffed to have any. Even though the rain put a damper on our evening, we still had a wonderful time.

We have a show this weekend, and then Quarter Horse Racing the next weekend. The state fair is also coming up and Leigh may enter Dually. Lots of exciting things going on!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!

Leigh and Dually’s run to win the 3D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We are still around...

Sorry for the delay in we said before...we have been mowing! Seriously, things have been busy here as always. We have been riding the horses and hauling to Masterson. The last show that Anne and I went to was at Richmond and that was before we went to Colorado. Both boys did great. When we got back we heard that the arena we normally practice in had been quarantined for Strangles so that put a bit of a damper on our practice. Drifter is just learning barrels so he definitley needs the practice. Dually is pretty set as far as the pattern is concerned but he does need to be on the barrels some as well so we haven't hauled to any shows since Colorado. We have been going to Masterson and doing conditioning work as well as continue to sharpen them both up on flexion and making sure they both remain supple. Tomorrow we will head back to the arena and then hopefully hit a barrel race next weekend. Other than riding we have gotten to spend quite a bit of time with our family and friends. We celebrated our nephew's birthday on June 6th and it was so great for the family to be together. We had company come in this past weekend and we have a busy week this week with friends coming over to hang on the deck and catch up. Always something going on out at the farm. Summer is definitely here and we are busy as ever, of course we love it!! Okay, we will check back in soon!

Here is a video of me and Dually loping the pattern at Richmond:

Friday, May 22, 2009

Colorado Trip

Well Leigh and I are back from our trip to Colorado and we had an amazing time, as always! Our trip was jam packed with all kinds of fun stuff, mostly revolving around horses, but is there any better vacation? Wednesday we got into Denver early and Colleen picked us up and we started our trip to Yuma, but we had a few stops along the way. The main stop was the Greeley Hat Works, so that Leigh and I could finally get a nice cowboy hat, that fits our pea sized heads! We both got what we wanted, I went with the French tan color and Leigh decided on Silver Mist! They both look great, and I couldn’t have been happier with the customer service. Trent Johnson does an amazing job and is very professional and a great hatter!

On Thursday, we woke up to the WIND BLOWING! This seems to be a regular occurrence when we go to Yuma! Mark and Colleen seem to act as if we bring the wind when we come, which isn’t the case! Hahah! So we hung around the house on Thursday and got some stuff done, and just enjoyed being together. That afternoon, we loaded up 4 of their horses, and headed to a local jackpot that evening. It was just a way for Colleen to get her horses in an outdoor pen before her big race this weekend. Leigh and I exercised her other horses on the track around the arena and then watched her SMOKE the pattern! Her and Fancy did a great job, as did her horse George! It was a great night and we met some great people, and the wind stopped blowing when we got there.

Friday, the wind was still blowing so we decided to take some of the mares to the indoor and get some riding time. We took 2 of her young ones, Harper and Chanel, and they did amazing! Leigh rode Harper (the horse is named after Leigh, hehe) and they were a great match. She hasn’t been ridden much, but she was a superstar! I rode Fancy, and she is just an amazing mare. She is Colleens finished mare, that she trained and she has done an amazing job with her. I got to take her through the barrels and it was awesome!

Saturday, the wind finally died down enough for us to ride at their place, and Leigh rode Harper again and I exercised Fancy and took her through the pattern a few times. It was nice for me to be on a finished horse. I seem to always be training on one, so it was nice to just get t ride! Leigh got to help Harper along, and just did really well with her! That evening Colleen and Mark had some rodeo friends laying over, and we had a wonderful time meeting them and drinking beer and just talking! It was a great way to end our wonderful vacation!

As always we hated to leave! Mark and Colleen are so dear to us, but we know we will see them again soon. Thanks guys, for a great trip! (the pic is of the sunrise the morning we left)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Checking In....

We have been SOOOOOOOOOO busy!! I know that is no excuse to not keep up with the blog, BUT between our full time jobs, our other website, the farm, hauling the horses on the weekends, riding AND MOWING (I swear, we spend more time doing that than anything else!!) we have been swamped!

So, what has been going on...hmmmmm, all of the above! We have been riding the horses alot and getting them ready for the barrel racing season. We went to Morehead two weekends ago for an IBRA show and it was rainy and nasty. The boys did good, it was there first "real outing" this year to a show and after their nerves and ours settled, they did good. Dually and Drifter had a few bobbles but nothing some phone calls to our friends and some more practice in the practice pen couldn't help. We traveled to Richmond this past weekend to another IBRA show and the boys did GREAT! 100% improvement from the week before. We both couldn't have been happier. Our friend Hilori traveled to both shows with us and she is so amazing. She does great at keeping me in check (I can get neurotic at times) and she always videos and offers advice and encouragment. She rocks!! Thanks Hilori! Let's see, other than that we have been....hmm....oh yeah...mowing! We mow a LOT! I am not REALLY complaining because at least we aren't in a drought and the pastures are so green, the boys are loving it. Tomorrow we leave for our annual trip to Colorado to hang out with our best buds Colleen and Mark! We can't wait to get out there and talk, talk, talk, talk barrel racing. hahaha We always have a blast when we go out west.

So, I hope everyone has enjoyed this gorgeous Kentucky spring and has alot of wonderful things planned this summer. We will be sure and touch base with some cool pics when we get back from Colorado!

Leigh and Dually Running Home!

Anne and Drifter headed to 3rd

Monday, April 6, 2009

Beautiful Weather..

Leigh and I have been loving this wonderful weather! Spring is just so beautiful, and everything at the farm is blooming, and the grass is growing and everything is so green. Of course we are having a cold snap today and tomorrow, but the weekend was just beautiful! Leigh and I spent Friday night, with wonderful friends. We went to our friend Stephanie’s to celebrate her new job, and had a great time with, Nikki, Keith, and Anna Marie. It is always so nice to get together and just laugh and catch up in a cozy setting like Stephanie’s apartment.

Saturday Leigh and I had a lot of stuff to get done, but we hopped out of bed and started our day. We went and got hay, and then grain, and came back and unloaded everything, and then hooked up the truck and the trailer and grabbed Dually and Drifter and headed to Masterson. It was just such a gorgeous day, and both the boys were feeling really good, so we had a great ride. Nothing better than loping a horse through a beautiful green pasture! It is great for the soul.

That evening our great friend Hilori came over, and we relaxed on the deck and had a few beers, and enjoyed the weather. Sunday Leigh and I went to see our amazing Mother. She always helps us do our taxes, so we got that done and had a great lunch, and so loved being with Mom. That evening, we had to get some work done for and some sponsorship stuff done as well. We had a wonderful weekend that was very productive! Couldn’t ask for any better!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Here is a pic of one of the pretty trees blooming on the farm!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Time in Kentucky..

Drifter is ready for spring too!

Hey everybody!

Anne and I have been busy as ever. We have been riding like crazy, hauling to barrel practice, hanging out with friends and enjoying this awesome weather. Spring time in Kentucky is a season that is on an entirely different level. It is almost like over night everything becomes GREEN, things start blooming, the leaves come out and the birds are singing in the mornings. It is GREAT! I love the time change because when Anne and I get off work we can ride, go to practice, work in the flower beds, grill out.....we still have a day. That is one thing I hate about the winter, when I come home from work it is dark. I HATE THAT! Oh, I hate the ice and snow too! I am a tank top and holy jeans kind of girl, not parkas, ski boots and gloves! Soooooooooo, I hope everyone is getting out and having fun. The spring bring lots of fun things, barrel races and rodeos and of course Keeneland!!!

Have a good one!

I also wanted to remind everyone to check out our other site,

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Traci Pratt Barrel Clinic....

Well this was the weekend that Leigh and I have been waiting for since January!!! On Friday, Leigh and I bounced out of bed ready to go! We had been preparing for the barrel clinic all week, packing the trailer, doing laundry and getting the horses ready, but things usually come down to the last minute. We had to run some errands, and get hay, for the rest of the week, for when we returned, and give the horses baths, to make sure they looked stunning when they arrived at Wild Rose Farm.

Leigh and I loaded up the trailer and headed out that afternoon for Elizabethtown. It is always fun going to new arenas and getting to take the horses, and we were both very excited. We arrived at Wild Rose Farm, early evening, and unloaded Dually and Drifter, and let them get used to their new surroundings. We got their stalls all set up and they settled in for the night. This farm is used primarily for boarding horses, and lessons, so, there were lots of people running around, but the horses did great, and were really more concerned with eating. So Leigh and I said goodnight, and headed to the hotel, we knew Saturday would be atleast 8 hours in the saddle, so we wanted to get as much rest as we could.

We got to the arena around 7:00 that morning and fed the horses, and met the other people in the clinic! Everyone was so nice and so friendly and we were both very excited! We got Dually and Drifter all saddled up and started out on our first day of the clinic! Traci Pratt is wonderful! She makes everyone feel so at ease and just ready to get down to business. We all went through the barrel pattern once that first day and covered, all sorts of new exercises for Ultimate Body Control and the horses did so GREAT! We were both just so proud of them, and they seem to be really enjoying the exercises. We were so lucky to get some one on one time with Traci and she is a wonderful instructor. She has really helped Drifter to begin bending, the way he should, and moving laterally, which is just AWESOME! He was doing okay on these things, but her techniques have made it much easier, and he is just gliding a long with flying colors. Traci took to Dually immediately, and was very impressed with his ability. Dually is a little more advanced than Drifter, so she really put Dually to the test as far as his lateral flexion. He actually was superior in the class, he just excels at all of it, and it makes both of us so happy, especially Leigh. After all the health issues, she has gone thru with Dually it was wonderful to see him soar in this clinic.

We were so lucky to get to know Traci this weekend. She is just an amazing woman! She is by far one of the best horsemen I have been around in a long time. She understands horses in a way that most people will never get, and it is so refreshing to be around someone that is willing to share their knowledge! Leigh and I were way past exhausted come Saturday night, after being in the saddle all day, but it was so well worth it!

Sunday, we got out to the arena and got the horses ready for part 2 of the clinic, which was putting together the Ultimate Body Control exercises on the barrel pattern! The best part about this day was Traci got on all of our horses and took them through the pattern. It is so nice to see someone else work your horse. She actually chose Dually to ride first, because she had been wanting to get on him all weekend. He went through the pattern perfect, he was a superstar! He did everything perfect and just shined!! Huge moment for Leigh, and all of her hard work! She also rode Drifter, and he was doing all of the exercises on the pattern really well. Just a few more things to work on, and he will be ready to go. I was so glad she rode him, so I could watch him and he looked great, and I was very, very proud of him.
There were so many wonderful people at this clinic. We made friends with all of them, and I cant wait to see them at some of the local races. There were people at the clinic from Cleveland to Nashville.

Leigh and I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, and we will always, always, always recommend Traci Pratt and her amazing ability to anyone! She really is a just amazing! She mentioned to Leigh and I, that we need to come down to TX and visit her at some point, and I thought to myself “you have no idea what you are getting yourself into, we may never leave” hahah!

Awww what a great weekend!!!

I am apologizing in advance for the lack of pics, it was a busy weekend, but here are two!

Leigh and Dually and Drifter once we arrived at the clinic!

Me and Drifter, getting ready to load up!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Weekend...

Leigh and I had a 3 day weekend, and it was wonderful. Friday, we went up to Cincy to spend the day with our amazing friends Gina and Brent at their office, Gateway Chiropractic Center. We both got all checked out and adjusted, and it was our first time but it was great! Their office just screams meditation and calming, and we love spending time with them. One of the highlights of our day, was getting to spend time with their amazing little boy Ridge. He is the BEST BABY and we just carted him around with us all day, and he loved it. He never got upset, and just smiles all the time, and is beautiful! We got home late that night, because we hated to leave. We never get to spend enough time with our wonderful friends, but feel so fortunate just to have them in our lives.

Saturday we spent the day in Lexington running around. We had a great lunch at Joseph Beth with our friend Karen. We really enjoyed catching up with her. Then we made our trip to liquor barn, were Leigh and I splurged and got Wexford and Guinness!! We had our friend Melissa over that night to watch the Sex and The City movie, since she hasn’t seen it, and it was a great night to just curl up and drink beer and watch a great movie.

Sunday we spent the day with the horses. They have had enough time off, and it was so nice and sunny outside, we cleaned the barn, stripped and bedded all the stalls, and rode. They all did great! We were both very proud of all of them. It was as if, they have enjoyed their vacation enough! Time to get back to work. We hope the weather isn’t to bad on Wednesday, so we can haul to Hodge arena, for open barrel practice. That is the plan atleast!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

This and That....

This past week has been hectic yet a bit boring. The snow and ice had Anne and I stuck in the house for a couple of days and even though we love our place, after a bit we both need to get out. We spent this weekend running errands and cleaning the house, reading, writing, working and relaxing. Friday night we didn't do anything but cook supper and watch some TV. Yesterday we got up early, I cleaned my bathroom while Anne cleaned the den and the kitchen. Then we headed to town and did some shopping. We both bought some new jeans and some sweaters. We also each got a summer top and it makes me so excited about summer. I wish it was 80 degrees right now! Today we went in to Lexington and visited Wild Oats. We got lots of yummy organic food for the week and now we are back at home.The weather has put a damper on the horse riding plus our horse trailer is at the shop getting LED lights put in.Hopefully the trailer will be back this week and we can start hauling the boys this coming weekend. Sooo, I am off to read and marinate some farm raised salmon for dinner. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow and Ice Covers TwinBay....

Well the last two days Anne and I have been "iced in" here at the farm. It started Monday night and it hasn't stopped since then. We have both said earlier how much we hate the cold weather. I dont mind a bit of snow but I hate ice and the farm is literally covered in ice. Now, it has been snowing for about an hour, so we have snow, then ice, now more snow. I know I said earlier this week, LET IT SNOW...I am now taking that back. BRING ON SPRING. The horses enjoyed the snow, but they hate the ice. They have been tucked in their stalls alot these last couple of days. Enjoy the pics.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our Weekend...

Leigh and I have had a few hectic and busy weekends lately, so we wanted to take this weekend to just be… and do the things we wanted to do. We were lucky enough, that we got to do just that!! Friday night we spent time with our wonderful friend Hilori and we always enjoy spending time with her. Saturday morning, Leigh and I got up and took care of our horses, and ventured to Lexington for a morning with friends. We went to Stephanies apartment and curled up with wonderful coffee, awesome Spaldings donuts (I know, not on the diet, but so worth it) and beautiful friends. Emily joined us and we had such a great time. We watched the CMT countdown, we sang, we talked about summer, we discussed goals, we talked about politics, but most of all we LAUGHED. I cant think of a better way to spend a winter morning, than laughing with friends over hot coffee. Leigh took her crocheting with her, and worked on that all morning, while we were there, and she is almost done with the scarf she is working on. It is going to be so nice, and it looks great, for the first time back crocheting in about 20 years.

We had to run many errands that afternoon, while in Lexington, but we got home right before dark to take care of the horses, and then enjoyed a night in. We got up this morning and did our usual errands, to go and get grain, hay, and shavings to get everything set up for the week. Then we enjoyed our day, reading, relaxing and watching it snow. Leigh caught up on some National Geographic magazines she hadn’t read, and I finished the book I have been working on and moved on to a new one I got yesterday.

It has been a perfect weekend for us to reset and get ready for the work week. It was nice to have a weekend to just be.. and get to catch up with friends!!!

(the pic is the sunrise at the farm, a few weeks ago)

Monday, January 19, 2009

9 years later...

This weekend Anne and I got to do something that should have taken place 9 years ago.I was very fortunate to actually run in to one of my father's close friends a while back. This man was a very close friend of my father and had shared in an experience 9 years ago that would turn out to bring Anne and I a lot of grief. See, this man was part of a small group of my father's friends that spread his ashes after his passing. Anne and I were not aware that his ashes had been spread till at least 6 weeks after it took place. We were not invited or told that any of this had taken place. Neither was my father's mother. Can' you imagine? I can't begin to tell you the devastation this brought to both of us. When I learned of this, I can honestly tell you that I was heartbroken as was my sister. I hope that no one ever has to experience some of the things that Anne and I have experienced in our life, however we have both learned you just have to move on, but this was one act that we have had a really hard time moving on from. After this man and I talked it was very apparent that there was a LOT of miscommunication in what I had been told by people that were supposed to be my family. So sad. So very, very sad. It is hard to even imagine how people that are supposed to LOVE you can never even think of your feelings,and partake in a very selfish act. I will never understand it. So................this weekend, Anne and I were invited to learn the true story, the actual FACTS that took place almost 9 years ago. Anne and I will forever be grateful to this person that gave us pictures of our father that we had no idea even existed and shared with us what TRULY happened the day that my father was actually laid to rest. It was a very calming experience and one that I will always treasure. It was wonderful to be with people that truly did love my father. So after this experience and after all the feelings that we have felt for 9 years, here is the lesson that is learned folks. There are people in this world that truly have no clue what it means to LOVE someone and to want the best for people. In the past I would be angry and mad and wouldn't be able to let it go, and there will still be times like that, because you never forget, however knowing that I know this isn't about them, because they in my mind don't know what it means to think of others, I am thankful for the people that do. I am now just sad, sad that their actions let the most important person down, and that was my father. My father was the one that was let down the most. That saddens me. So what I have learned from this process as cliche as it may sound...treat people how you want to be treated. Remember that your words and your actions may truly change someones life for the better or for the worst. Actions that took place 9 years ago brought so much grief to Anne and I, actions that weren't necessary, but selfish, however the actions that took place this weekend brought us such joy and restored in us the goodness in people, and has also built a lasting friendship, one that we are both very thankful to have. There are many wonderful people in this world, and my father had many surrounding him, that we are fortunate to have in our lives. We love you dad!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some adventures, some thoughts, and some cold weather..

2009 has rocked so far! Anne and I have spent lots of time working out and hanging with our friends as well as reading and cooking. We spent last weekend with our friends Amy and Chuck. I told Amy earlier this week that she is good for my soul. I know Anne and I both feel so blessed to have them both in our lives. They are both such super postive people that just radiate happiness. Even when life throws them some curve balls they still keep their chin up! I love being around them and when I leave their company I always feel rejuvenated and happy. That is how friends should be! We also got to see our friend Brooke. Brooke lives in Bowling Green and is a childhood friend of Amy's. I got to meet Brooke when we all met up at Murray State. It was so great to see her and catch up. She is still as lively and gorgeous as ever! It was a great weekend! I am currently doing a lot of reading, which is one of the things I like about this time of year. I am reading "Awakening the Buddha Within" By Lama Surya Das, "Marley and Me" by John Grogan and "40 Years Gatherin" by Spike Van Cleve. They are all great books and all very different. I hate the winter and the cold weather but I am glad that it does give us the time to sit down, slow down, read, breathe and center our lives a bit.

Anne and I have both been working out everyday. Chuck actually turned us on to the workout program P90X and we are on our 10th day. Chuck completed this workout last year and is doing it again. He looks GREAT!! We have really enjoyed it and I can already tell I am getting stronger. I am pumped to check my results after 30,60 and 90 days!

Anne and I also signed up for a barrel racing clinic in March. We are so stoked about that! I can't wait to kick off the season and we can't think of a better way to do it! Oh, and we planned our trip for Colorado. We are pumped about getting out there and hanging out with Mark, Colleen, Chase and Caitlyn. Colleen and Mark have a slew of horses right now, so I can imagine they are going to keep Anne and I pretty busy. They are also good for the soul!

I guess that is about all that is going on here around TwinBay. The weather has been very cold these last couple of days and I can tell you that I am sick of busting ice at the barn. One of the water tanks had about 3 inches of ice on it this morning. It took me a while to get that busted up. By the time I was done and walked back to the house, my entire jacket had already froze. I am sorry, but that is just TOO DAMN COLD! The older I get the more I long to live somewhere that has warm weather year round.

I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying this chilly January. I gotta tell ya, I can't wait till spring!!!

We look happy in these pics, but we are sick of it!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Having fun!!!

Well so far 2009 is off to a great start! Leigh and I decided to put a title on our year, and it is all about HAVING FUN! We are committed to making this year one of the best yet. Last year was a good year, but we got busy and distracted with things, and this year we are concentrating on just having fun and enjoying life. We have some great trips planned this year, and if all works out, we hope to get to experience all of them. We love our yearly trip to CO, to see our wonderful friends Mark and Colleen and we hope to get to go again this year. We are also planning a beach vacation, either to NC, or somewhere more south. Leigh has some great trips planned for work this year, and will be in Las Vegas during the NFR in December, and I hope to get to fly out and enjoy that as well. We have lots of weekend trips planned too; we hope to get to Murray, Ashville, and of course a weekend in Nashville at some point.

We are already starting to get our horses back in shape and are ready for a great year on the road with them!! This is their year, and we cant wait to get back in the arena!!!

Leigh and I are heading off to Bowling Green this weekend, to see our awesome friends Amy and Chuck! Chuck is the one that introduced Leigh and I to P90x, the workout program, and Leigh and I started it on Monday and Chuck is also on round two as well, so we are each other’s little support group.

Leigh and I have been very lucky to have reconnected with some old friends lately. They have really brought joy into our lives, and we are so excited about spending time with them in 09!

Here is a pic from the Appalachian Trail, we hope to get back on it at some point this year!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Out With the Old, In with the New

It has been a while since we have posted, so I thought I would catch everyone up. We had a wonderful holiday season. Christmas Eve, Leigh and I baked cookies for our neighbors, and enjoyed our day with our mother. She arrived around noon, and we had such a wonderful day with her. We watched movies, and made sausage balls, and just laughed and enjoyed our time together. Christmas morning, we got up and took care of the horses and started cooking. Unfortunately, our brother Robbie, his wife Sarah and there precious little boy, Thomas Wyatt were all sick so they didn’t get to attend Christmas this year. We made the best of it, and cooked a great meal. We had ham, cheese garlic grits, mashed potatoes, barley casserole, green beans, macaroni and cheese, cranberry sauce, and rolls! It was an amazing meal. To top it off, we had my mothers homemade Jam Cake for dessert, along with many other goodies. Our friend Hilori joined us for lunch, and my mothers boyfriend Bob came as well. We all enjoyed our Christmas together.

Leigh and I gave ourselves a Christmas gift of having a water line put in at the barn!! It was finished this week, and it was the best gift EVER!! I cant explain how nice it is to have water at the barn, and not have to carry water buckets! It has been so nice, and makes our time at the barn much easier.

For New Years Eve, Leigh and I went to our friends Whitney and Cavans. We have spent many NYE’s together in the past, and always have a wonderful time. They cooked an amazing seafood spread and we just ate, and drank, and enjoyed our time together. It was a great way to bring in the new year!!

The new year is always a time of reflection and I don’t believe in resolutions, but I think it is a wonderful time to set goals! We have many goals set for this year and we are both so excited to see them accomplished!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Here are some pics from our New Year.