Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Checking In....

We have been SOOOOOOOOOO busy!! I know that is no excuse to not keep up with the blog, BUT between our full time jobs, our other website, the farm, hauling the horses on the weekends, riding AND MOWING (I swear, we spend more time doing that than anything else!!) we have been swamped!

So, what has been going on...hmmmmm, all of the above! We have been riding the horses alot and getting them ready for the barrel racing season. We went to Morehead two weekends ago for an IBRA show and it was rainy and nasty. The boys did good, it was there first "real outing" this year to a show and after their nerves and ours settled, they did good. Dually and Drifter had a few bobbles but nothing some phone calls to our friends and some more practice in the practice pen couldn't help. We traveled to Richmond this past weekend to another IBRA show and the boys did GREAT! 100% improvement from the week before. We both couldn't have been happier. Our friend Hilori traveled to both shows with us and she is so amazing. She does great at keeping me in check (I can get neurotic at times) and she always videos and offers advice and encouragment. She rocks!! Thanks Hilori! Let's see, other than that we have been....hmm....oh yeah...mowing! We mow a LOT! I am not REALLY complaining because at least we aren't in a drought and the pastures are so green, the boys are loving it. Tomorrow we leave for our annual trip to Colorado to hang out with our best buds Colleen and Mark! We can't wait to get out there and talk, talk, talk, talk barrel racing. hahaha We always have a blast when we go out west.

So, I hope everyone has enjoyed this gorgeous Kentucky spring and has alot of wonderful things planned this summer. We will be sure and touch base with some cool pics when we get back from Colorado!

Leigh and Dually Running Home!

Anne and Drifter headed to 3rd


~ The Rockin MLB ~ said...

Good luck at all yalls races this year! I finally started back running barrels after a 6 year layoff and boy, have I lost my timing, lol.

Have fun in Colorado for me too. I wish I could go and see different parts of the good ole USA

Judy said...

I know how much mowing you all do out there on the farm! I am glad the horses are doing so well. Have a great time on your trip. Love ya.

DKG aka Scrappy Doo said...

have a great trip!
and a winning barrel season!!
Scrappy Doo

AnnaMarie said...

Love the pics!! Missin' you girls!