Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Weekend...

Leigh and I had a 3 day weekend, and it was wonderful. Friday, we went up to Cincy to spend the day with our amazing friends Gina and Brent at their office, Gateway Chiropractic Center. We both got all checked out and adjusted, and it was our first time but it was great! Their office just screams meditation and calming, and we love spending time with them. One of the highlights of our day, was getting to spend time with their amazing little boy Ridge. He is the BEST BABY and we just carted him around with us all day, and he loved it. He never got upset, and just smiles all the time, and is beautiful! We got home late that night, because we hated to leave. We never get to spend enough time with our wonderful friends, but feel so fortunate just to have them in our lives.

Saturday we spent the day in Lexington running around. We had a great lunch at Joseph Beth with our friend Karen. We really enjoyed catching up with her. Then we made our trip to liquor barn, were Leigh and I splurged and got Wexford and Guinness!! We had our friend Melissa over that night to watch the Sex and The City movie, since she hasn’t seen it, and it was a great night to just curl up and drink beer and watch a great movie.

Sunday we spent the day with the horses. They have had enough time off, and it was so nice and sunny outside, we cleaned the barn, stripped and bedded all the stalls, and rode. They all did great! We were both very proud of all of them. It was as if, they have enjoyed their vacation enough! Time to get back to work. We hope the weather isn’t to bad on Wednesday, so we can haul to Hodge arena, for open barrel practice. That is the plan atleast!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

This and That....

This past week has been hectic yet a bit boring. The snow and ice had Anne and I stuck in the house for a couple of days and even though we love our place, after a bit we both need to get out. We spent this weekend running errands and cleaning the house, reading, writing, working and relaxing. Friday night we didn't do anything but cook supper and watch some TV. Yesterday we got up early, I cleaned my bathroom while Anne cleaned the den and the kitchen. Then we headed to town and did some shopping. We both bought some new jeans and some sweaters. We also each got a summer top and it makes me so excited about summer. I wish it was 80 degrees right now! Today we went in to Lexington and visited Wild Oats. We got lots of yummy organic food for the week and now we are back at home.The weather has put a damper on the horse riding plus our horse trailer is at the shop getting LED lights put in.Hopefully the trailer will be back this week and we can start hauling the boys this coming weekend. Sooo, I am off to read and marinate some farm raised salmon for dinner. I hope everyone had a great weekend!