Friday, May 22, 2009

Colorado Trip

Well Leigh and I are back from our trip to Colorado and we had an amazing time, as always! Our trip was jam packed with all kinds of fun stuff, mostly revolving around horses, but is there any better vacation? Wednesday we got into Denver early and Colleen picked us up and we started our trip to Yuma, but we had a few stops along the way. The main stop was the Greeley Hat Works, so that Leigh and I could finally get a nice cowboy hat, that fits our pea sized heads! We both got what we wanted, I went with the French tan color and Leigh decided on Silver Mist! They both look great, and I couldn’t have been happier with the customer service. Trent Johnson does an amazing job and is very professional and a great hatter!

On Thursday, we woke up to the WIND BLOWING! This seems to be a regular occurrence when we go to Yuma! Mark and Colleen seem to act as if we bring the wind when we come, which isn’t the case! Hahah! So we hung around the house on Thursday and got some stuff done, and just enjoyed being together. That afternoon, we loaded up 4 of their horses, and headed to a local jackpot that evening. It was just a way for Colleen to get her horses in an outdoor pen before her big race this weekend. Leigh and I exercised her other horses on the track around the arena and then watched her SMOKE the pattern! Her and Fancy did a great job, as did her horse George! It was a great night and we met some great people, and the wind stopped blowing when we got there.

Friday, the wind was still blowing so we decided to take some of the mares to the indoor and get some riding time. We took 2 of her young ones, Harper and Chanel, and they did amazing! Leigh rode Harper (the horse is named after Leigh, hehe) and they were a great match. She hasn’t been ridden much, but she was a superstar! I rode Fancy, and she is just an amazing mare. She is Colleens finished mare, that she trained and she has done an amazing job with her. I got to take her through the barrels and it was awesome!

Saturday, the wind finally died down enough for us to ride at their place, and Leigh rode Harper again and I exercised Fancy and took her through the pattern a few times. It was nice for me to be on a finished horse. I seem to always be training on one, so it was nice to just get t ride! Leigh got to help Harper along, and just did really well with her! That evening Colleen and Mark had some rodeo friends laying over, and we had a wonderful time meeting them and drinking beer and just talking! It was a great way to end our wonderful vacation!

As always we hated to leave! Mark and Colleen are so dear to us, but we know we will see them again soon. Thanks guys, for a great trip! (the pic is of the sunrise the morning we left)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Checking In....

We have been SOOOOOOOOOO busy!! I know that is no excuse to not keep up with the blog, BUT between our full time jobs, our other website, the farm, hauling the horses on the weekends, riding AND MOWING (I swear, we spend more time doing that than anything else!!) we have been swamped!

So, what has been going on...hmmmmm, all of the above! We have been riding the horses alot and getting them ready for the barrel racing season. We went to Morehead two weekends ago for an IBRA show and it was rainy and nasty. The boys did good, it was there first "real outing" this year to a show and after their nerves and ours settled, they did good. Dually and Drifter had a few bobbles but nothing some phone calls to our friends and some more practice in the practice pen couldn't help. We traveled to Richmond this past weekend to another IBRA show and the boys did GREAT! 100% improvement from the week before. We both couldn't have been happier. Our friend Hilori traveled to both shows with us and she is so amazing. She does great at keeping me in check (I can get neurotic at times) and she always videos and offers advice and encouragment. She rocks!! Thanks Hilori! Let's see, other than that we have been....hmm....oh yeah...mowing! We mow a LOT! I am not REALLY complaining because at least we aren't in a drought and the pastures are so green, the boys are loving it. Tomorrow we leave for our annual trip to Colorado to hang out with our best buds Colleen and Mark! We can't wait to get out there and talk, talk, talk, talk barrel racing. hahaha We always have a blast when we go out west.

So, I hope everyone has enjoyed this gorgeous Kentucky spring and has alot of wonderful things planned this summer. We will be sure and touch base with some cool pics when we get back from Colorado!

Leigh and Dually Running Home!

Anne and Drifter headed to 3rd