Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Boys....




Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Weather..

Is there really anything better? I just love it! Yesterday I took the day off to get some stuff done around the farm that needed tending to. The plumber came out that morning to work on our kitchen sink, it has been having some issues with not draining properly so we got that all fixed. YIPPEE! I am so glad! Then my vet came out that afternoon and we worked with Dually for over an hour. Dually has been lame for around 3 weeks and I have been worried that it was going to be navicaluar or something as equally serious. So the vet blocked both his front feet and we could see a major difference. Since that confirms it is in his feet we went ahead and xrayed both front feet. Dually was such a superstar, he did everything the vet asked him to do. He is the sweetest horse and just loves to please. The xrays showed that it isnt navicular, so I am thrilled about that. Even Dr. Mason said that he seemed so much more relaxed than last year. I think Dually and I are finally to the point of trusting each other. It is so nice to reach that point with a horse. He is so great, I just love him to death and I am so happy that we are going to get him fixed up. So now that Dr. Mason and I have a game plan I am hopeful that he will be back to his old self very soon and maybe we can hit some late winter shows together!

I hope everybody is taking the time to enjoy this beautiful weather. Breathing in good fall air is good for the soul!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hello Again!!

Sorry it has been so long since our last post, but like we said before, things have been busy here at TwinBay!
Last weekend Paul and I spent an amazing weekend at PawPaws Landing. PawPaws Landing is a great cabin around Natural Bridge and The Gorge. Joanne, the owner, gives hospitality and entirely different meaning. The cabin was gorgeous!! It was decorated beautifully. I have stayed in some five star hotels in LA, Del Mar and Florida and this was just as nice. There were six wild turkeys that came to visit each day and wild deer everywhere. It was the perfect place to relax and unwind. We had a wonderful time.
While I was gone, Anne held down the fort at TwinBay. We had all the fences painted and the barn. We are both so pleased with how it looks. Next up we are adding some color to the barn with a TwinBay sign and some landscaping next spring. The horses have all been doing well. Dually is having some soreness issues but with a great vet and some chiropractic work, awesome supplements, a magnetic blanket and linament rub downs every night, he is coming along. Anne is doing well with Drifter. He is really turning in to a nice broke horse. All the animals are thoroughly enjoying this beautiful weather. It has been so great for Anne and I to just come home and go straight to the barn. Before it was so hot we would have to wait till about 8:00.
The Keeneland sales are going on right now and we went out one night and got to have a couple of drinks with some great friends. The September sale is always a good time. One of the greatest things that has happened in the past week or so is that my mom's boyfriend Bob is working on a huge built in entertainment center for our den. He installed the bottom cabinets on Sunday and it looks GREAT! We are both so excited to get the rest of it in the house! He does such a fantastic job! Hmm, what else.....I dont know how many of you read my brother Robbie's blog but he just bought an amazing digital camera that he loves. I commented on his blog that if he left it sitting out while I was around that I may steal it. He promplty commented back that I would draw back a bloody stump if I touched his camera. So......he talked me in to buying my own! It will be here later this week. When it gets here Robbie is going to give me some lessons on how to use this high powered camera. YIPPPE! So look for more pictures to be gracing this blog.I hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous fall season. Have a great week!

Oh and here is a pic of Dogdge hanging out in the trailer, he is ready to go!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Night Alone....

I don’t normally get many nights alone, since Leigh and I live together, which is okay, because we love each other’s company. However last night Leigh had a business trip to Columbus, OH, and then on to Cleveland and will be back this evening, so I had the night to myself.

It is an odd feeling to come home and it be quiet, but there is a certain peace to it. It has always amazed me, when I am alone, I get much more motivated, and I have no idea why that is. It seems that since I have a chance to do whatever I want to do I could veg out on the couch and no one care, but that never seems to happen. Just as the norm, I ran home last night, and fed the dogs, and sent out a few emails for TwinBay and made 2 business calls and then got busy with my evening.

I went downstairs, and got my 3 mile run in, which I have really been enjoying, I have finally gotten back on schedule with working out, and it has been a saving grace. It is a time for me, where I can let my mind stop thinking about work and everyday responsibilities and let it wonder to wonderful thoughts. I think about owing a huge farm in TX with 30 horses, and a nice indoor arena, and how awesome that would be!

After I finished my workout, I cooled off with a huge glass of water on the deck and could see the horses staring at me, and I knew they were ready to eat. Rebo never misses a beat, as soon as you step foot on the deck he knows and is at the gate in a flash! So I went on down to the barn, cleaned all the stalls, got fresh water, fed, and brought the boys in, and tucked them all in their fresh stalls for the night. It was so nice out, not to hot, and it was just a very peaceful night.

I came back in and decided on supper, which I knew I needed some protein since my workout, so had a nice dinner of eggs, fresh tomatoes, and black beans. It was awesome! Then I looked at the clock and it was only 8:30!! Wow, I had time to relax and read and watch tv, which of course I didn’t do, I got on the computer and did some more work. I did make myself put everything away at 10:00 and enjoy relaxing for an hour or so before I called it a night. it was a great evening, and I really enjoyed getting all of my stuff done.

Oh, the pic is from earlier in the week! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Updates, Updates, Updates...

It has a been a while which I apologize for that, Leigh and I have been super busy, soooo……I thought I would give everyone some much needed updates on what has been going on with the us.

Leigh and I have both been very busy, but have been enjoying life as usual! We had our first meeting for one or our long time clients of TwinBay, and it went very well. We are very happy about that, and are ready to get the ball rolling with more sponsorships in the future.

Leigh and I took a trip down to Elizabethtown last weekend to a tack store and I bought a saddle. I love it and it fits me perfect, the best part is, it is slightly used, so I don’t have to break it in. It fits Drifter perfectly and I am very happy with my purchase.

We have gotten to hang out with many of our friends lately! Jill came up Friday night, and it was wonderful as always, to see her. She is doing great! Hilori has been out a few times lately and hung out on the deck, so has Whitney. Amy and Chuck will visiting soon and we look forward to catching up with them.

The horses are all doing good, and coming along nicely. Dually has been a little sore, but Leigh is progressing with that slowly and keeping him happy. Drifter and Rebo are both doing well and enjoying their workouts.

We spent Sunday at our mother’s house, which we always enjoy so much. She made homemade pancakes, which were absolutely amazing!! Then she made a healthy, healthy salad for lunch, so that we couldn’t get to far off of our eating schedule.

With fall around the corner, work is going to be getting much busier for Leigh and I both. Leigh starts traveling again soon, and we will be shipping lots of cattle at work, which will result in longer days. Usually Leigh and I both dread this time of year, but we are both looking forward to the challenge.

Leigh and Paul will be going away for the weekend in a few weeks, which I know they are both looking forward to. While they are away, I am going to go up to Cincy to see my best friend Gina, her wonderful husband Brent, and their precious new boy, Ridge.

Until next time.....