Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hello Again!!

Sorry it has been so long since our last post, but like we said before, things have been busy here at TwinBay!
Last weekend Paul and I spent an amazing weekend at PawPaws Landing. PawPaws Landing is a great cabin around Natural Bridge and The Gorge. Joanne, the owner, gives hospitality and entirely different meaning. The cabin was gorgeous!! It was decorated beautifully. I have stayed in some five star hotels in LA, Del Mar and Florida and this was just as nice. There were six wild turkeys that came to visit each day and wild deer everywhere. It was the perfect place to relax and unwind. We had a wonderful time.
While I was gone, Anne held down the fort at TwinBay. We had all the fences painted and the barn. We are both so pleased with how it looks. Next up we are adding some color to the barn with a TwinBay sign and some landscaping next spring. The horses have all been doing well. Dually is having some soreness issues but with a great vet and some chiropractic work, awesome supplements, a magnetic blanket and linament rub downs every night, he is coming along. Anne is doing well with Drifter. He is really turning in to a nice broke horse. All the animals are thoroughly enjoying this beautiful weather. It has been so great for Anne and I to just come home and go straight to the barn. Before it was so hot we would have to wait till about 8:00.
The Keeneland sales are going on right now and we went out one night and got to have a couple of drinks with some great friends. The September sale is always a good time. One of the greatest things that has happened in the past week or so is that my mom's boyfriend Bob is working on a huge built in entertainment center for our den. He installed the bottom cabinets on Sunday and it looks GREAT! We are both so excited to get the rest of it in the house! He does such a fantastic job! Hmm, what else.....I dont know how many of you read my brother Robbie's blog but he just bought an amazing digital camera that he loves. I commented on his blog that if he left it sitting out while I was around that I may steal it. He promplty commented back that I would draw back a bloody stump if I touched his camera. So......he talked me in to buying my own! It will be here later this week. When it gets here Robbie is going to give me some lessons on how to use this high powered camera. YIPPPE! So look for more pictures to be gracing this blog.I hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous fall season. Have a great week!

Oh and here is a pic of Dogdge hanging out in the trailer, he is ready to go!!


Judy said...

I am so glad you enjoyed your weekend away. The barn and fences just look wonderful. You all are soooooo busy! I love the picture of Dodge in the trailer and can't wait to see the new camera. Love you so much, Mom

AnnaMarie said...

Oh my - I forgot about your outing with Paul!

We MUST get together soon and catch up!

Nikki said...

I love the pic of Dodge in the trailer!! I'm glad you and Paul had a good time. I know how much you were looking forward to it.

DoubleUFarms said...

The fence looks wonderful girls! Gosh you all are so busy!

John, Karen, Breezy and Ransom said...

You are busy keeping up your speed of light life! Loved the picture of Dodge in the trailer :-) Thanks for the update and have fun with that new camera. I love mine! It was a little intimidating at first but I'm getting more adventurous with it every day. They are cool!

Love you both!
The Joneses

The Wife said...

Awesome, new camera. I went to your brother's blog and saw it. I'm thinkin' about a Cannon SLR. But it is only in the dreaming stage right now. Can't wait to see your pics.

Love Dodge in the trailer. cutie!