Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Weather..

Is there really anything better? I just love it! Yesterday I took the day off to get some stuff done around the farm that needed tending to. The plumber came out that morning to work on our kitchen sink, it has been having some issues with not draining properly so we got that all fixed. YIPPEE! I am so glad! Then my vet came out that afternoon and we worked with Dually for over an hour. Dually has been lame for around 3 weeks and I have been worried that it was going to be navicaluar or something as equally serious. So the vet blocked both his front feet and we could see a major difference. Since that confirms it is in his feet we went ahead and xrayed both front feet. Dually was such a superstar, he did everything the vet asked him to do. He is the sweetest horse and just loves to please. The xrays showed that it isnt navicular, so I am thrilled about that. Even Dr. Mason said that he seemed so much more relaxed than last year. I think Dually and I are finally to the point of trusting each other. It is so nice to reach that point with a horse. He is so great, I just love him to death and I am so happy that we are going to get him fixed up. So now that Dr. Mason and I have a game plan I am hopeful that he will be back to his old self very soon and maybe we can hit some late winter shows together!

I hope everybody is taking the time to enjoy this beautiful weather. Breathing in good fall air is good for the soul!


Judy said...

I am glad you are making progress with Dually. He is such a pretty horse. Glad you and the vet have found out what is going on with him. This weather is wonderful. I love it.

AnnaMarie said...

Anne told me about Dually yesterday and I feel just awful that I didn't know he was having such a hard time.

I am SO glad to hear you made progress!

Nikki said...

I'm glad nothing serious is going on with him. I hope it all gets worked out.

Judy said...

You two have an award at my place should you choose to participate! Thanks.

John, Karen, Breezy and Ransom said...

I'm so glad that you are getting things worked out with Dually! I hope he will be back to work in no time. Thanks to both of you for your nice comments on the blog. We are having the trip of a lifetime and I can't wait to tell you all about it!!

Love and hugs to you both!
John, Karen, Breezy and Ransom

The Wife said...

I can't wait for it to cool down. Still too hot here. I love the fall. Glad to hear Dually is making progress. Don't ya just love when you and your horse reach that trust peak. I am working on it constantly with my filly. I think the husband needs to as well. She is constantly trying to "get" him or so he says. It always occurs when I'm not at home!