Friday, November 30, 2007

Turning 30

Well we finally turned 30! I think we were both very ready for it, as we both knew this would be a huge turning point in our lives. The turning point for us, is about emotional and physical change. Lets face it, we had some fun in our 20's!! Lots of fun, and we wouldnt go back and change any of it, but now we are ready to embark on a new journey! We are moving forward and LOVING IT!

Time to get HEALTHY! Leigh and I both have been doing a lot of reading, not some much on, getting in shape, but getting healthy! I feel in my mind there are two huge differences between, being healthy and being in shape. I feel that getting healthy starts on the inside and it starts with what you PUT in your body. Leigh and I are both reading the China Study right now. Have you read it? If so send us a comment and let us know what you think. We both love to learn and love to read, and we have many other books in line after this one to read as well, concerning nutrition.

Sooo, with that being said, here is a pic from what we purchased from the grocery store last night! We have been eating mostly fruits and veggies all week, and I must say, I FEEL GREAT, and so does Leigh! Not sure how long this will last and we are both trying new things on this journey, but so far it has been lots of fun.

We are also adding cardio back into our lives. I used to hate it, even after doing two triathlons, I still couldnt stand the running. Leigh always enjoyed it and hated the bike! Yes, we are indentical twins, but not exactly alike. However I finally have my mind right. I am loving the running so far. It is my time to just hammer away on the treadmill and forget about my day. Leigh does pilates while I run, and then we switch. We have both been pretty sore this week, which is a sign it is working, right? I forgot how much I missed being sore. I remember when Leigh and I were training for our second triathlon, how much our coaches would push us on the bike, and how sore we would be the next day. I have really missed that, but we are on the right track, we are changing all of that, and so far it has been GREAT!