Monday, July 6, 2009

Checking in again...

Leigh and I have been busy as usual, but have also been having a blast!! This summer has been wonderful so far! Leigh and I have been riding a lot and keeping our horses in great shape. We have tried to make 2 shows a month and so far, have been doing really well at that. Leigh pulled her first check on Dually 2 weeks ago, at Hodge arena! She won the 3D! It was a wonderful day. Our great friend Hilori was there to share it with us!! We really enjoy having her a long with us. Our friend Amanda was also at the show and she did great by placing 3rd in the 3D, which was wonderful. I loped Drifter thru for the first time and he handled it very well. I was pleased with how he performed and he is improving every week.

This past weekend, we had company in from out of town and enjoyed our weekend entertaining. We had beers on the deck on Friday night and Saturday, we were very disappointed with the rain!! However we made the best of it and still had a wonderful meal. We had corn in the husk on the grill, pork chops on the grill, green beans and Hilor’s amazing potato salad!! We also had pecan pie and ice cream for dessert but we were all to stuffed to have any. Even though the rain put a damper on our evening, we still had a wonderful time.

We have a show this weekend, and then Quarter Horse Racing the next weekend. The state fair is also coming up and Leigh may enter Dually. Lots of exciting things going on!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!

Leigh and Dually’s run to win the 3D