Saturday, January 30, 2010

Its been a while....

Well I guess I should first start off with, it has been way to long. Leigh and I both apologize for taking such a long break with our blog. Sometimes we don’t really know what to write about and others we just get busy. We have full time jobs, plus another website and of course this blog. So it is hard to keep up with everything sometimes but we are going to try harder! So lets catch everyone up on what we have been doing!

Last year we finished off the barrel season really well. Our friend Colleen came in for a while and we ventured up to Circle G arena in OH, and had a wonderful time. Leigh and Dually did really well, with picking up two checks. I took Roanie, but he came up sore, and I didn’t want to push him, so I just hung out and enjoyed the weekend. We had a wonderful time.

I lost my precious Dodge last fall, which was very hard to go through. However, I have since gotten a new Australian Shepherd named Rusty! I rescued him for the Aussie Rescue and he is just a real sweetie! He is a red merle and has fit right into our household!

We also went to Vegas in December for the National Finals Rodeo. That was an absolute blast, and I hope we can go back next year. We were there promoting our other website,, it was a great opprotunity!

We have also built on to our barn, and now have 4 stalls, which has been great, since we have had some bad weather this winter.

So on to 2010! This year we have many great plans and lots of goals and are pumped about the year. We are working hard to get our horses and ourselves fit for this season. Many great things to come and we will keep you updated on our progress. We hope to start hauling the horses in February to get ready for the new season.

Here are some pics to catch you up on what our lives have been about!