Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Working Out...

Leigh and Anne at Moose Village, night before Triathlon, trying on swim caps and being goofy.

One reason Leigh and I started this blog was to keep account of how much we are growing and to see how much we have changed. We are trying to make this year, our fit year, and to really do a lifestyle change! I can say that Leigh and I have really stuck to eating healthy, we splurge every now and then, because I feel that you have to. We have come to realize that we cant put restrictions on ourselves. If we do, then we both tend to think that having a beer or some pizza is sneaky and then we over indulge. So we tell ourselves there is nothing we CANT have and we usually make the smart choice!! We started this journey right after Thanksgiving and we are still on it! I must say, it has been wonderful! Leigh and are really enjoying getting back into running and strength training and have actually worked hard at getting up in the mornings and working out. So far we are doing pretty good at it, but the best part is, even if we miss a morning workout we make up for in the evenings. We have really stuck with that, and I think we both feel so much better.

Leigh and I are fortunate to be okay with eating healthy, we have never really battled the food part, but have battled the "lets go out and have fun" part, which used to include drinking beer till late at night and smoking ciggs!! Aww, our 20's!!! However we have really programmed our minds to think of getting up early, watching the sun come up, running, or doing pilates is much more fun, than being hungover all day! It took us a while, but we are getting there. We are planning a trip out west, and I am just as excited about running out there and that is a HUGE change for me!

I do want to say, that there are two people that we are VERY proud of, for taking the initiative to get healthy! They are really doing so well and have even bought an elliptical! I wont name, names, but they know who they are, and they both read our blog!! Love you both!!

Cheers Everyone!


Nikki said...

I think you guys have stuck with it very well! Kudos to you and your amazing will power! You two are an amazing example for everyone else. :)

Judy said...

I love the picture and am so proud of the two of you. You inspire us all with your energy and determination to follow through with your goals. Love you. Mom

ike_a_ty said...

Cool pic! Please tell me you signed the wall while you were there!

Great job on staying on track with your fitness! Impressive! And if you're interested in finding exciting new places to run: don't look west, don't look east... you can find great running in, oh, I don't know... MICHIGAN, perhaps? ;-) :-)

DoubleUFarms said...

You are so right about "splurging". If you tell yourself that it's ok every now and then, you wont fall off the bandwagon then and you end up making the better choices anyhow.

Anne, thanks for giving me great advice on eating healthy and all that!

Now I just hope that I can stick with it myself!