Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Old Pictures and New Memories..

It is amazing how a picture can be captured then forgotten about, and you move on with life. When you see that picture again, it jerks you back to that memory, which can be an amazing feeling. Over the holidays, Leigh and I found 4 rolls of film we hadn’t developed, neither of us had any clue what was on the film.

The film was a wonderful reminder of how dear 07 was to us, and how many great journeys we had.

The first roll was of a weekend that neither of us will forget. Many pics from a wonderful weekend we spent in North Carolina. The pictures were great, and it was an amazing reminder of what a wonderful weekend that was. I cant wait to do it all over again in 08, and this time we are going to stay in the yurts.

Another roll was our wonderful weekend at LBL with our Murray Crew. It was so great to see all of our friends that weekend. The pictures were great, and that is another adventure I don’t want to miss this year.

One roll was black and white film Leigh took probably 2 years ago. This roll totally came by surprise, since we had both forgotten about it, and the pics were beautiful, and shocking all at the same time. They were of me and Ringo. Ringo passed away on March 13th, and it was just startling to see him so full of life, however the pics are great, and I cant wait to get them framed!

The next roll, showed another loss we had this year, Leigh’s precious dog Suzie. It was hard to see those pics as well, but they will be surely cherished, and we will keep them framed. She was a wonderful dog, and can never be replaced.

So those 4 rolls of film, brought up many emotions. We had some amazing times in 07 and some hard times as well, as most people do. But above all of it, we are totally lucky to have the things we have and feel blessed everyday.

We have wonderful family, amazing friends, 2 great guys in our life and many animals we love!

The pic is from Christmas morning, Leigh and I turning out the horses. Even though we lost two family animals this year, we gained 2 more horses and a new puppy dog.



Judy said...

Pictures are so worth a thousand words! This one of the two of you leading the horses out to pasture says it all. I love you. Mom

Nikki said...

I love that pic. And I would love to see the pics of Ringo and Suzie when you feel up to it. I know they both meant a lot to the two of you. *Hugs*

AnnaMarie said...

I'll remember 2007 as the year I gained two wonderful new friends. May your 2008 be filling with blessings!

ike_a_ty said...

I think it's wonderful how you were able to relive those memories through forgotten pictures. What a surprise! And what treasures. I know it had to have been VERY tough to see the images of Ringo and Suzie, so happy and full of life. But with that, comes the memory of your love for them every day that MADE them happy and full of life! Those are moments and memories that can never be replaced and will always be cherished! You all created that wonderful life for them, every single day, from your first day together to their last, your love is all they ever knew. :-)

Every New Year, at midnight, my mom opens up the door of her house to let the old year out. Never to be forgotten, but instead let go, to make room for the new year, in which new memories will be made and new blessings will be enjoyed.

Anne and Leigh, I hope your 2008 is FILLED with those special blessings!