Monday, December 10, 2007

Weekend Adventures...

This weekend was a wonderful weekend, with lots of exciting things going on. First things first, Leigh and I are still sticking with the health routine. We bought a blender on Friday night (I know, us not having a blender, odd isn’t it), to make smoothies, and so far have really enjoyed them! Except for one MAJOR mishap on Saturday morning, when Leigh took the pitcher off of the base of the blender wrong and green smoothie went everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE! I so wish, I had pictures of Leigh covered in green smoothie!!!

Saturday afternoon, we went to a wedding here in Georgetown. It was a lovely ceremony and it was great to see Sara and Darron tie the knot! It was also great to see Josh play the mandolin during the ceremony! He did a wonderful job. One of the best things about the day, was getting to see many friends, we don’t get to see very often! It seemed that everyone was there and it was great to get to hang out with them and catch up on their lives.

Sunday, Josh and I met Leigh at Wild Oats. I just love that place. We loaded up on lots of green lettuce for smoothies and salads, and we are set for the week. Our cart looked like we had stolen a garden, but that is such a refreshing feeling, to see all of that healthy food and know that we are putting that in our bodies.

Another great point to this weekend was getting to see my brother, my wonderful sister in law, and our adorable nephew Thomas Wyatt. We just all happened to be at Joseph Beth at the same time, and decided to enjoy a cup of coffee with them. I always enjoy being with Robbie and Sarah, they are so fun, and upbeat, and just bring a certain joy to any conversation. At a time when everyone is running crazy for the holidays, it is so nice to sit down with family and be quickly reminded what is important in life. It isn’t gifts, and spending money on your friends and family, it is the warmth that you experience when you are surrounded with people you love.


AnnaMarie said...

Wow, I wish you had a picture of Leigh covered in green smoothie, too!

Love you, girls!

Judy said...

I am so proud of my girls! Keep up the good work. Love you.

Josh said...

I think that the blender incident is a direct result of lack of practice. May I suggest daquiris and margaritas as perfect test subjects.

ike_a_ty said...

Wow, what a great weekend. Maybe Leigh has caught on to the latest diet craze, WEARING the smoothie... a guaranteed no calorie substitute for actually EATING... clever, very clever.

I often cover myself in smoothie, then roll around chocolate chips, cheese puffs and twinkies while singing "When the Saints Come Marching In" ... but maybe that's just me.

(Ok, I think I've had one too many Mike's Hard Lemonades tonight so I best sign off)

Way to go with the health plan, I think that's AWESOME! You guys are doing GREAT! Thanks for the weekend update, I really enjoyed it, and special kudos to Josh for his wedding gig, that takes more guts than I got, for sure! I'll be looking for a YouTube upload anytime now. :-)