Wednesday, December 12, 2007


We all deal with temptation in life, in one form or another. Whether it is the temptation of a cigarette, a drink, a Pizza Hut Pizza, or many other things, temptation is all around us. When you change your eating lifestyle, you encounter temptations a long the way. Leigh and I have been eating mostly fruit, veggies and some fish for almost 4 weeks now, and we both feel AMAZING! It actually consumes our conversations.

Last night, we both sat and thought about what we would eat for a long time. We haven’t splurged since we started this journey and haven’t really wanted to, just because we enjoy what we eat and we do feel so good. We started tossing ideas for dinner around… avocado sandwich on hemp bread, black beans and avocado with tomato, big salad, Chinese food, pizza hut pizza, French fries, sub sandwich. I am sure you are noticing the turn for the worse.

We both thought, “hell why not, we have been so good”, so that was that, we were going to splurge, we were going to go buy something from a fast food place, and we were excited about it! Plus getting a phone call from someone (I wont name names), that happened to be on their way to McDonalds, didn’t help!!

Our biggest concern was getting food, and being back in time to watch The Biggest Loser, that was very important, because Leigh and I love that show!!

So shoes and jackets on, keys in hand, headed for the door, we both looked at each other and said, “what are we doing?” We actually talked ourselves out of it. We stayed home and had black beans and tomatoes. It tasted great and was very fresh, and we saved ourselves from the temptation of fast food!!

So we are still on track and feeling great! We did hear that 2 family members are going to be joining us on this journey! Leigh and I are very excited about that, and we cant wait for all of us to support each other.


Judy said...

I can't believe how much willpower you girls have! Keep up the good work. I have to admit that stuff in the blender does not look very appealing to me. Love, Mom

Strangeite said...

Is the stuff in the blender liquified plutonium that is used to power your stainless steel automotive time machine?

ike_a_ty said...

Looks like a blended batch of kryptonite to me. But Leigh wears it well, I'm sure. ;-)

WOW, YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! I MEAN A-MAZE-ING! Way to not give in to the biggest diet derailer there is: the "we-deserve-to-splurge" reward. The best reward for all your awesome determination and will-power is to do exactly what you did... honor it!

You all INSPIRE ME!!!! :-)

AnnaMarie said...

Good heavens, girls! I am SO proud of you!!

Strangeite said...

It could be kryptonite since its chemical composition is sodium-lithium-boron-silicate-hydroxide with fluorine; however, the resulting product from blending would be a very fine powder that would resist mixing with liquid and would be very difficult to drink.

However, if the kryptonite was mostly the typical green kryptonite but had trace amounts of the far rarer red kryptonite, that would explain the liquified effect. But drinking it would be extremelly dangerous as mixing various forms of kryptonite, especially red kryptonite, produces random distortions of reality.

I think I have given this picture too much thought.

ike_a_ty said...

strangeite, your post scares me.

:-) :-)

AnnaMarie said...

If his POST scares you, you should meet the guy.


Strangeite said...

And you married me! At least I try and use my powers for good and not evil. The alternative would be too perilous.

Maybe the world can stand just a wee bit of peril?

Further, since strange women lyin' in ponds distributin' swords is a sound basis for a system of government and should not derive from a mandate from the masses, I expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at me. If you disagree just come over I will show you the violence inherent in the system.

Oh, I crack myself up.

Anne and Leigh said...

Two of my favorite people, Roy and Anna!! You both crack me up!

Ike_a_tye, you are awesome, as usual!!