Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My gosh... how long has it been??

Well once again, it has been awhile! This summer has just be CRAZY! Leigh and I have been running around so much it is hard to keep up with our blog, but we are going to try to get better. We have been going to a lot of barrel races and just really enjoying our time with our horses! We went to the Richmond show a few weeks ago, and that was a lot of fun. Leigh and Dually improved on their time in that pen, and our good buddy Amanda got a check, so it was a good day all the way around. It was Drifters first exhibition at a lope and he handled it like a champ and I was real proud of him.

We also ventured down to Shepherdsville 2 weeks ago, for their Tuesday night buckle series, and that was a lot of fun. It is a little further drive than we thought, but we really enjoyed it, because it is an outdoor pen and that was nice. We didn’t get there in time for Drifter to exhibition, but it was a great experience for him, just getting in the pen and warm up with everyone, he did real well. Leigh and Amanda both entered, and they both did great! Leigh won the 3D in the women’s class. We were both real proud of Dually since he didn’t get in the pen first, and he went in and ran a real nice pattern, in his first big outdoor pen. Amanda’s horse did real well too! They both decided to stay and enter the open! I knew they would, they were both having so much fun! It was a great night! We got home late, but well worth it.

We also went back to Shepherdsville this past weekend, for their big show. There were A LOT of people there, and it was a LONG day. The show was supposed to start at 2:00 and didn’t start until almost 4:00. Leigh and Amanda both entered the Adult class, and they didn’t even get to saddle their horses, to get ready until around 12:30 in the morning. They didn’t run until around1:30 and of course it started POURING at that point! So they both made their runs in the rain! We were all drenched, and then they called the show after that class, because of the weather. Which was totally fine, because we were leaving anyway. Leigh got a check, so it was nice she got to run. We didn’t walk in our front door until 4:00 in the morning. It was a LONG day, but we had a blast with all of our friends. We met some new people and just so enjoyed being with all of our friends.

We have some exciting things coming up in the next few weeks, so check back……

*The pic is Leigh and I, at the Richmond show.


Judy said...

You two are the busiest two I know! The summer has flown by and you all have really enjoyed being able to get out with the horses and I love seeing all the photos and hearing about all the fun you are having. Love, Mom