Thursday, September 24, 2009

What a Summer!!

Well it has certainly been a while!!! Anne and have had the most incredible summer of hauling our horses and barrel racing. We have loved every second of it! This past Tuesday marked the beginning of Fall and as much as I love the Fall season, I will truely miss this summer! Lets see...what has been going on?? Well, since the last entry, Roanie has settled in very well. Anne and him are already the best of friends and they are working on getting things together in the arena. Since he is the new horsey on the block at TwinBay Farm he is the low horse on the totem pole. That spot was originally Drifter's but now Drifter has Roanie to pick on. Rebo is still head honcho with Dually following in right behind him. Drifter is NOT a fan of Roanie's but they have finally gotten to a point where they can play nice. :) Anne and I have hauled to the Shepardsville Buckle Series twice since our last entry and that is always fun. Our bestest bud Colleen has come in for a 3 week visit and we have loved getting to ride and compete with her. She went with us to the buckle series and then we all ran barrels at the IBRA Hodge Show this past weekend. It was such a GREAT day for barrel racing. Our friend Amanda ran her mare too and we just had so much fun catching up and hanging out. Our mom and her boyfriend Bob came and it was just great to have them there!! Of course Hilori came too, she never misses a barrel race, and we love having her there!

The past week has brought a LOT of rain to the Bluegrass area and I can honestly say that we are very SICK of it. This coming weekend we have a lot of fun stuff planned with friends coming over, lots of cooking, some beer drinking and possibly some barrel racing if the rain holds off. Next weekend we are hauling to Ohio for a 3 day barrel race with Colleen and Mark and we can't wait!! Then Keeneland opens for the Fall race meet the next weekend and after that we have a barrel race in Indiana. Sooooooo, things are still just as hectic as ever as we move in to the Fall. I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer and gets to enjoy the brisk coolnees and the colorful leaves of the fall season.