Sunday, November 9, 2008

Uuuggghhh cold weather......

Leigh and I always dread cold weather and when we heard it was supposed to drop off colder this weekend, we were rightfully dreading it. However part of me, just wants to get it over with. I am ready for it to get cold so it can get warm again!! We had a great time on Friday night. Our friend Hilori came over for some beers and to catch up and we had a great time.

Saturday we went into Lexington to have coffee with our sister Kim and had a WONDERFUL time. It was so great to see her, and we also got to see her husband Chris and their precious daughter Ella. It was great to catch up and have coffee and just be together.

Sunday we got up and fed and then cleaned out the trailer and decided to go to Masterson, despite the cold, wind blowing day! We bundled up and loaded up all three boys, even though Rebo was undecided if he wanted to go or not, but with a little grain, he realized he didn’t want to be left at home.

We had a wonderful ride, Hilori met us there, and she rode Rebo and then she and Leigh switched and she got to ride Dually. All three of the horses did really well, and we did short work in the arena and some conditioning work as well. We took one of the barrels with us, so we could work the horses on some barrel exercises. It was a great day, but COLD, but we all suffered through! It has been a great weekend.

Drifter warm in his new blanket


Judy said...

Love that picture of Drifter. Glad you had a good weekend and enjoyed visiting with Hilori and Kim. Love ya both.

Nikki said...

He looks good in blue. :)

Jamie Dawn said...

Just popped in via your mom's blog to give you both an early wish for a splendid Happy Birthday!!!


I just LOVE your mom!
Her blog is a great read.

Margaret Cloud said...

Happy Birthday, your mom gave this link and said to stop by, hope your day is all you want it to be. Your moms post is very interesting and it is nice to hear parents brag about their kids. TN said...

Happy Birthday to you both. I'm glad I found your Mom. She is a very sweet and interesting person. I love the story about how Leigh got home from the hospital. Your blog is nice too. Keep up the good work and STAY WARM!!!!