Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nashville and Randy Rogers!!!!

This past week has been a fun week for us. Thursday I took clients to Keeneland for a day at the races and Anne went out there that afternoon to watch a friend's horse race. The horse (Radar Man) ended up winning his race. It was such a great day! On Saturday Anne and I got up early to get all our chores done so we could hit the road to Nashville. What a fantastic time we had!! We met one of our college buddies, Ed down there and it was great to see him. We went to McFadden's downtown and had some drinks and some appetizers and caught up. Then we headed to the Randy Rogers concert at the Exit/In. WOW!! The Randy Rogers band is so awesome! Anne and I have been fans for quite sometime and they proved to be incredible in concert. Their fiddle player is amazing. He can totally rock a fiddle!! I am so glad we went and it was a nice quick trip to one of our favorite towns and we got to hang out with one of our favorite people. On our way home we stopped at our mothers and she made us a great late lunch. It was great to see our mom, we talk everyday but we don't get to see her very much. Anne and I both took a nap (late night the night before, we were TIRED!!) and headed home. So now we are home, all the critters are fed and happy and we are getting ready for the work week. This upcoming weekend is the CKRH trail ride, we are excited about that. This is the organization that our friends Whitney and Cavan volunteer. We have some friends that are going to meet up with at the ride so it should be lots of fun. I hope every one had a great weekend!!

Anne, Ed and her GUINNESS!!

Randy Rogers

Randy Rogers

Kick ass fiddle player, Brady Black

Me and my bestfriend Ed


Judy said...

Just love all the pictures. Ed looks good and so do the two of you. Glad you had fun. Enjoyed visiting with you yesterday!

AnnaMarie said...

Love it!! You girls look BEAUTIFUL and I'm glad you had a good weekend together. You all deserve it!

And I LOVE the new pics!!

DoubleUFarms said...

So glad you all had such a great time! I can't wait to hear about the trail ride!