Monday, July 21, 2008

Our weekend update....

Our weekend was full of wonderful adventures. Friday night, Leigh and I stayed in and decided to make a veggie pizza. It was so yummy! It was covered in great toppings, onions, artichokes, green olives, green peppers and cheese. It was a wonderful ending to the hectic work week.
On Saturday morning Leigh and I got up around 7:00 and decided to take advantage of the cooler weather. We wanted to take all three boys, so we called our great friend Hilori and she was totally pumped about riding our amazing Rebo.

When we arrived at Masterson we had lots of company. The Bluegrass State Games were going on and there were many saddlebreds flitting around, but we had an amazing time. I think it was the first time Drifter had ever laid eyes on a saddlebred, but all the horses did great. We worked in the dressage ring for a bit and then cooled them off by walking the entire park. It was a great morning of riding.

Saturday evening we met Whitney and Cavan, Hilori, Josh, and Anna at the Red Mile for Quarter Horse Racing. It is a tradition with us, we go every year, and it is always a blast!!! Silly me didn’t get any pictures, because I was having to much fun! However, I did purchase a raffle ticket for the QH they raffle off, as did Anna and Paul. Three chances in one group!! However we didn’t win, which was a blessing because that is the last thing we need.

Sunday Leigh and I worked around the farm, and got our mowing done and ready for the work week. Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well!!


Nikki said...

Except for the cheese, you pizza looks fantastic! :)

Judy said...

That pizza looks so gooooood! I love the pictures, especially the one of Hilori! She looks just great. If you click on the pictures, they get much bigger and they are really good pictures.

ike_a_ty said...


Awesome weekend! Sounds like an incredible time at Masterson and at the QH races. Glad to hear the boys are coming along so well. Keep it up!

beinmyOWNself said...

*non horsey folk question alert* um, what's a saddlebred?

AnnaMarie said...

what a great weekend! YAY!!

DoubleUFarms said...

Hey girls,
I've been "missing" from your alls blog! Where the heck have I been!? LOL

Hopefully I'm back on track now and ready to comment every week!

Have great fun at Masterson's tomorrow morning!