Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Masterson Station Park, Sushi and SATC….

Leigh and I had an exciting weekend. We got up early Saturday morning to beat the heat and loaded up all three of the horses and went to Masterson Station Park and had a wonderful time. The horses did so good, and it was so nice to get them off the farm and ride in an open area. Rebo, our seasoned man, was perfect as usual, and Dually and Drifter did very well. They seem to really enjoy being in a new place. It was a wonderful morning!

That evening, Leigh, Paul, Josh and I, met Robbie and Sarah at Tomo for sushi. I could eat sushi everyday and it was a great treat, then the girls all ordered a cosmo because we were going to see Sex and The City! The movie was great and I have to give Josh credit, he isn’t a fan, but sat through it anyway (I am pretty sure I have to see Indiana Jones as a trade off). I think we all enjoyed it.

This week Leigh and I have lots going on and I couldn’t be more excited! The Bluegrass Festival starts on Wednesday night and we are going to have such a wonderful time with everyone. Everyone already set up their tents, and Leigh and I will be going out tomorrow night to hang out, but we cant stay, since we have to work. But we will be out there on Friday and Saturday night, with quick trips back to the house to check on the dogs. We are lucky that we live so close to the Horse Park. There is nothing better than spending time with wonderful friends, beautiful music and a campfire! Bring on the festival!!


AnnaMarie said...

Oh don't go to work on Thursday!!!

Judy said...

I don't know how you all do it all.
I am sure this weekend will be great fun for everyone! Love you.

ike_a_ty said...

Love the pic!
Have a great time at the festival, sounds awesome!

DoubleUFarms said...

Glad you all had such a great time at Masterson's!!!

And have a GREAT time this weekend! You all are going to have a BLAST!!!!