Wednesday, March 26, 2008

CET Test Cases....

This has been such a great week so far and it is only Wednesday! I wanted to take a quick moment and report on my test cases. They are all out in the field growing. I couldn’t be happier with how this product has worked and the farm is just as happy with the progress. I also have the farm giving a water conditioner to incoming cattle, which is all natural as well, and it has been AMAZING! They are very, very, thrilled with it and my sales on this product has really taken off. I honestly cant keep it in stock which is always a wonderful thing! I love to see the product HELP people and even though, I continue to make money, the benefit of seeing their herd health improve is wonderful as well.

I am lucky enough to be meeting one of the co-owners of Cutting Edge Technology tonight for dinner. He drove down here to speak with me and introduce himself. I am really looking forward to talking with him over dinner. Leigh will be attending as well, she handles my advertising and she will speak to him concerning my plans for advertising in 2008.

I am very happy with how these products are taking off and how well they are working. I have been fortunate to get some amazing clients in the past 2 months!!

On another note, the weather is great today and I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy it!

There will be more updates in the future.


Charles Lister said...

Congrats girls! Really thrilled to hear things are taking off.


Judy said...

That's so wonderful Moey. I am so happy for you. You are bound for success. Love, Mom

Nikki said...

Congrats Anne. I know how excited you are about this program! I'm so happy it's working out for you.

ike_a_ty said...

Awesome news, Anne! I'm anxious to hear how your meeting went!