Friday, December 7, 2007

As the Seasons Change...

Well it is about this time of year where I really start to complain about the weather. I always think I am ready and prepared for the cold. For the first day I really seem to be and then by the second day I am over it. Being in Florida for four days I was quickly reminded that I am a warm weather fan and greatly miss it once it is gone. When I arrived home a couple of days ago it was very cold here in the Bluegrass and it put me in a sour mood, which is actually pretty hard to do.

Although last night when I got home and Anne and I went down to the barn to bring in our horses I realized that there are moments involving cold weather that I do love. I love it when it is cold enough to see the horses breath as they exhale. I love how the horses prance around and toss their heads because no matter how I feel, the cold weather makes them feel great. I love that once we get them in their stalls and give them their feed that they seem so content and happy. Believe it or not I love breaking ice in their water buckets because it makes me feel needed. Rebo, Dually, and Drifter completely depend on Anne and I. Cold weather, rainy weather, humid weather or hot weather….that is a wonderful feeling.


ike_a_ty said...

Gotta love your description, Leigh! I'm a cold weather kind of guy, so I can really relate to enjoying the chipping ice, the exhaling breath, the prancing around... and hey, that's just ME... You mean horses do that too?? ;-)

Glad you had a safe and fun trip!